Christmas, Lies and Video, Boris Johnson on the Ejection Seat

Despite a lot of business, it’s a party held for Christmas 2020, in complete sanctions for the average Briton, that gets the English prime minister in big trouble

Two years ago, Boris Johnson was elected victoriously, establishing himself as the new UK powerhouse. The conservative leader is now in an ejection seat, his credibility after a series of scandals has alienated some of his supporters and public opinion.

Suspicions of lying about funding the luxurious renovation of his official apartment, awarding contracts between friends during the pandemic, allegations of favoritism from the Conservative Party towards generous donors, a breach of anti-Covid rules by a consultant or a minister.. .

British politics expert Robin Pettit notes that in the face of an accumulation of embarrassing cases, 57-year-old Boris Johnson “has been like Teflon so far, stuck to almost nothing”. But if the whimsical leader with scattered blond hair is outdone by a swarm of pirates, the latest risks making him a waltz.

Popularity at Half Mast

The British will not forgive her for the party she is said to have held in Downing Street in December 2020, when they themselves were denied celebrations due to the coronavirus. Especially since a video of Boris Johnson’s employees mocking the “Christmas party” has leaked.

“It’s such blatant hypocrisy,” Petit explains. “You can have two or three scams and maybe get away with it” but when “there are too many, it’s over.”

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So far, Boris Johnson has come out on his image as a Brexit maker, appealing to Labor generally to the working class in the north of England. He also benefited from a successful vaccination campaign against COVID-19. But this time, his pride and his distinctive brilliance are no longer enough to explain that the sanitary rules are indeed respected by his teams, as he claims.

According to a YouGov poll for the Times on Friday, 68% of people believe he is lying. Its popularity is at an all-time low and various opinion polls attribute many points to the Labor opposition, which is rarely seen.

This is not the first time the prime minister, who has just become a father for the seventh time, has been accused of distorting the truth in his political or journalistic career. Thus he was fired from The Times newspaper for inventing a quote.

This Christmas tragedy comes one after the other, devastating even. According to Robin Pettit, by trying to change the rules of parliamentary ethics to come to the rescue of a deputy accused of lobbying, he has seriously damaged his image as a man of the people.


The front is open even in Parliament, where delegates are questioning its credibility, even its legitimacy.

He who came to power with a landslide victory in legislative elections, the biggest for the Tories since 1987 under Margaret Thatcher, could face an unprecedented revolt in his own camp in a vote next week on new health restrictions.

From there to contest under the leadership of Boris Johnson, endured as he is regarded as “a winner”, a step some conservatives are prepared to take according to experts. Bookmakers are already banking on a possible departure in 2022.

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A crucial test for the leader will be a by-election on 16 December in Tory Citadel in North Shropshire. To overthrow it, there is no need for an early election, a vote of no-confidence within the Conservative Party is sufficient.

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