“Christmas Comet” Puts On A Show

As always, comets are full of surprises and unexpected. Comet Leonard is no exception. Here are the prettiest photos of her recent cramps she’s seen since December 20.

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[EN VIDÉO] Understanding Comet Leonard in a Minute
As Comet Leonard approaches the Sun in late 2021, crossing the night sky, passing through a close-to-Earth atmosphere.

it’s still not too late Supervisor C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Surname Comet Leonard, this year’s brightest.

Passed by Earth on 12 December, and very close to Vesper On the 17th, she continues her ride towards now soleil Whose near sun – The point of orbit closest to the stellar focus – will be January 3, 2022 (just a year after its discovery).

Burst of Activity for Comet Leonard

Over the past two days, observers around the world have reported a significant increase in Glow, suddenly attached burst of activity, Ale’Star Visually diffuse, easily seen at dusk, not far Vesper,

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traveling in the hottest region of Solar system, its ice cream sublimation, it is normal to spill when it wakes up gas And the dust got stuck there. Some blocks or rocks at the weak, lumpy core can collapse suddenly, and cause explosions visible from Earth. under temperature shock and solar wind, the star can also be disoriented.

Astrophotographers, who have, for some, been following his wanderings across the terrestrial sky for months, found the spectacle unbelievable, as evidenced by the images he published. Social Networks, comets have hairs in the air solar wind, so unlike our Star, In some photos, it highlights Surprised mane Lion With long tentacles swaying in space, and which are none other than traces of a recent disturbance.

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