Chinese robot successfully landed on Mars

Hespress FRSaturday 15 May 2021 – 02:14 AM

Government television CCTV reported that China successfully launched its small remote-controlled robot “Jhurong” on Mars on Saturday.

CCTV said “Tianwen-1 lander successfully landed in predetermined zone” with “Jhurong” robot on Mars, CCTV said “signal” was received on Earth. First for Asian country.

China had already tried to send a probe to Mars in 2011 during a joint mission with Russia, but the effort was unsuccessful and Beijing then decided to continue on its own.

Thus the Middle Kingdom launched its deserted mission “Tianwen-1” from Earth in late July 2020 in the name of the probe sent to space.

It is made up of three elements: an orbiter (which revolves around the star), a lander (which has landed on Mars) and a remote-controlled robot, aboard the “Zurong”.

The landing took place in a region of the red planet called “Utopia Planitia”, a vast plain located in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

China Mars Zurong Remote Control Robot
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