China weaves its trade around the world

Talked with China or not? Amidst the trade and technical war with Beijing, the question has plagued many Chancellors since Beijing, multiplying all early opening gestures around the world to find a less hostile escalation relay. It was early to welcome China, the largest free trade agreement in the world, in November 2020, after signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) with fourteen countries in Asia and the Pacific “Multilateralism and the victory of free trade”, Such as better underscores the secession of the United States.

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A few weeks later, it intensified negotiations with the European Union (EU), an agreement on investment under discussion since 2013, at the end of December. “China’s determination to promote high-level openness is unwavering and its door will always be wide” Beijing was immediately welcomed through its embassy in Paris. It is also a diplomatic victory for her: she manages to separate her relationship with the United States from the old continent, thus avoiding a common front between the two Western powers.

A few days later, 1is January, Free Trade Agreement entered into force between Mauritius and China. An agreement “Gives strength [leurs] Economic Relations with Africa “ Said Wu Peng, director of the Department of Africa at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, who has promised more on the continent. And it is not over.

Remedies for retaliation

In an interview with the Xinhua News Agency on 8 January, China’s new trade minister Wang Wentao said he wanted to speed up negotiations with Japan and South Korea, and Israel, with the Council. Gulf and Norway cooperation. “We have more and more business partners,” The minister assured.

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Beijing now has nineteen free trade agreements signed with twenty-six countries covering 35% of its foreign trade.

China wants to increase partnership before the new US administration is set to be held on January 20. Alice Ekman, responsible for Asia, sees Alice Ekman at the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (IESUE). More and more Chinese companies are forced to give up Wall Street listings because they have been blacklisted by the US Department of Defense.

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