China wants one kilometer long spacecraft

China’s space ambitions don’t stop with robots on Mars. The country has unveiled a massive project to build a ship of extraordinary length: one kilometer!

This spacecraft is presented by the Natural Science Foundation of China. Key strategic aerospace tools for future exploitation of space resources, exploration of the mysteries of the universe, and long-term life in orbit “. A particularly ambitious program that would therefore be in a one kilometer long infrastructure. As a reminder, the International Space Station (ISS) is 110 meters long …

not a scientific problem

The agency affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has posted a study project that describes how the spacecraft could be built. Limiting the amount of building materials that can be sent into space will require scientists to research ways to design new lightweight materials. Their mission is also to develop new assembly techniques for these types of massive space structures.

If the agency gets the green light from the authorities, a feasibility study can be initiated. It will last five years and will have a budget of 15 million yuan, which is less than 2 million euros. A ridiculous amount compared to the cost of building the ISS: $100 billion! But this is the first step.

According to Mason Peck, former NASA chief technology officer, the apparently completely insane project isn’t so much. Its success will depend more on engineering questions than basic science. In other words, technically nothing precludes the creation of such a structure, it simply (so to speak…) adapts the scale to the size of the space.

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