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The G7 summit took place last week, June 11-13, 2021 cornwall On England. One of the hot topics discussed by the heads of state was the human rights situation in the region. xinjiang and to Hong Kong. In a final communiqué, the leaders of G7 Was accused China not to do “Respect Human Rights” in these two areas.

These calls sparked anger from the Chinese embassy in Britain

During this summit at which the US President Joe Biden attended, he took the opportunity to call Beijing Respect for human rights. So he told the Chinese authorities “Act more responsibly in the field of human rights”. It did not take long for these appeals to arouse the anger of the Chinese diplomatic representation. UK. In a press release published on Monday, June 14, 2021, a spokesperson for the embassy alleged G7 D’“interfere” in the cases of China. “It takes advantage of Xinjiang-related problems to engage in political manipulation and interfere in China’s internal affairs, and we strongly oppose it.” Did he announce?

Over a million Uighurs imprisoned

Still according to the spokesperson, G7 says “Lies, Rumors and Baseless Allegations”. Note that these comments by the leaders G7 Reports of human rights violations by many human rights organizations come as xinjiang. The latter is an area mainly inhabited by the Uyghur Muslim minority. According to organisations, more than a million members of this Muslim-majority community are or are still lodged in political re-education camps.

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