China submits three proposals for a two-state solution

China presented three proposals to implement it “two-state solution”, Who is it“The Only Realistic Way to Solve the Palestinian Question”Chinese State Counselor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

The latter spoke of China’s position with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his visit to Al-Alamein, a coastal city in northern Egypt. During this visit, Wang Yi spoke to his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shouqi and met with Ahmed Aboul-Ghit, Secretary-General of the Arab League.

With regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China urges the Security Council to realize that the President of the United Nations Security Council rotates “Five rounds of consultations on the Palestinian question and the President’s statement issued”, An announcement Wang Yi.

The latter outlined the organization by China of a symposium for peacemakers between Palestinians and Israelis. “China continues to make efforts to promote a ceasefire and resume talks between Palestine and Israel”, assured the head of Chinese diplomacy.

For China’s representative at the international level, “without equitable grounds, there can be no peace”. according to him, «Palestine’s independence should not be postponed indefinitely And that the legitimate rights of the Arab people should not be ignored for long”.

“The two-state solution is the only realistic way to solve the Palestinian question”, assured Wang Yi, who indicated that all sides are concerned with the Palestinian question and the international community “Practical efforts should be made to promote a two-state solution based on UN resolutions.”

In this regard, China makes the following three proposals:

  • the first is from Strengthening the authority of the Palestinian AuthorityEmpowering it to exercise national sovereign functions in security, finance and other areas to ensure the effective management and control of the autonomous and occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • second is Support all Palestinian factions to improve solidarity, achieving internal reconciliation through consultation and dialogue, and creating a unified position for negotiations to resolve the Palestinian question.
  • the third is that Palestine and Israel should be encouraged to resume peace talks based on a two-state solution. China invites representatives of both sides to come and negotiate directly in China and calls for a World Peace Conference under the auspices of the United Nations with the participation of permanent members of the Security Council and all stakeholders in the peace process in the Middle East. To pursue a comprehensive, lasting and equitable solution, and to achieve peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel.
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Egyptian Minister Sameh Shoukry and Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul-Ghit said they agreed with the proposals made by China. Egyptian officials are ready to communicate and coordinate closely with China, the latter assured.

He hopes the international community will urge Israel to stop establishing settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Sameh Shoukri and Ahmed Abul-Ghet also indicated that China, “a country that does not have a history of colonization or invasion of others, has always stood on the side of morality and international principles and has a positive impact,” reports Xinhua news agency. There was a solution to the Palestinian question”.

“We hope that China can play a more important role in regional affairs”, he added. In addition, China and Egypt jointly donate 500,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Palestinians in the Gaza Stripin order to meet the immediate needs of the local population.

The donated vaccine doses will be produced at manufacturing plants jointly set up by the two countries in Egypt, and will be shipped as soon as possible in coordination with Palestine.

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