China put pressure on America by landing its first robot on Mars

With the successful arrival of its first robot on Mars, China is catching up with the United States in search of the red planet. An important symbol for Chinese power, which brings back a victorious image of the country to its inhabitants, as the Communist Party prepares to celebrate its hundredth anniversary.


The Perseverance Robot is no longer alone on Mars. China has recently placed its own robot Zurong on the red planet. Weighing around 240 kg, he should analyze the soil and atmosphere of the red planet. An achievement for Beijing, which now shows that the Chinese power has the scientific and financial means to establish itself as a major player against the United States, to conquer space.

A sufficient space program

If NASA goes a step ahead with five successful missions to Mars since 1997, it loses its monopoly status with the arrival of Chinese robots. An important detail, desired by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who wants to bring China to the rank of first world power by 2035.

Zurong’s arrival on Mars is only one of many successes for China. The launch of the first element of its future inhabited station on April 29, the collection of material on the moon last December… The Land of the Rising Sun is investing heavily in space programs. An investment that coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the creation of the Chinese Communist Party in July 2011. The country, through its conquest of space, wants to tell its inhabitants on Earth as the image of a strong, powerful and victorious China elsewhere.

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