China has given approval to the United Kingdom to retaliate over the Uyghur case

AGI – China has announced sanctions against nine British celebrities and four British institutions. He is accused of “spreading lies and misinformation” about the treatment of the Chinese Uygar minority. The decision indicates further escalation of tensions between China and the countries of the West and against protests raised by Great Britain for the human rights situation, but appears to be a measure of retaliation by the United States and the European Union. Northwestern Chinese Xinjiang.

According to reports of groups fighting to respect the human rights of these populations, people from at least one million Uygars and other religious groups, mostly Muslims, are held in prison camps in the region. Local authorities are also accused of sterilizing women and forcing labor.

Among the British accepted by Beijing are other political figures from Great Britain, as well as former British Conservative Party leader Ian Duncan Smith.

“The United Kingdom – the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement – has unilaterally imposed restrictions on relevant Chinese individuals and institutions in Xinjiang, citing so-called human rights issues. The move is based only on lies and disinformation, in a way. Violates prominence. International law and the basic rules governing international relations interfere widely in China’s internal affairs and seriously undermine China-United Kingdom relations.

Beijing therefore warned London not to “proceed on the wrong track”. He explains that sanctioned British people and institutions – including Hong Kong and Macao – have been banned from China, while their assets have been frozen in the country. Chinese citizens and institutions are also forbidden to deal with them.

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