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Like many other countries, China continues to do everything in its power to conquer space. Indeed, according to an announcement made by the main Chinese rocket maker, the country not only wants to send a man to Mars by 2033, but is also working on it. “Sky Ladder”. This would include a transportation system made of carbon nanotubes capable of carrying people and goods to space stations.

Cost reduced by about 5%

The cost of this transportation will be reduced by about 5% as per the details provided by wang xiaojun, head of the Chinese rocket-making structure in China. The scientist didn’t provide any real details about how “Sky Ladder” But it still indicates that this is the start of the next space travel and transport mission to the Red Planet.

Mars a popular destination

In recent years, Mars has been the dream of the world’s great powers. Beyond the States, big companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ SpaceX are competing with each other over who gets to get tourists to visit first. China also wants to demonstrate its potential, but also wants to demonstrate its power in the region. Some time ago, China had achieved the successful landing of a rover on Mars. Tianwen-1 Zurong. So a new step is underway for the Middle Kingdom.

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