China and Russia ready for good relations with Taliban

Since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban this Sunday, 15 August, political backlash has been pouring in around the world. Former President Donald Trump was quick to discredit his successor, Joe Biden, even as the decision to withdraw US troops is up to him: ” It is time for the infamous Joe Biden to resign for allowing what happened in Afghanistan, but also because of the escalation of the Covid affair, the disaster at the border, the draining of our energy independence and the paralysis of our economy. “He said in a statement.

The White House defended itself: “ One year or five years and no matter the US military presence, when Afghan forces cannot or do not want to defend their country. Joe Biden hit back.

« an extraordinary effort » to welcome personalities in danger

In Europe, several states are organizing the evacuation of their citizens, and preparing to welcome Afghan citizens. The Quai d’Orsay on Monday announced the deployment of military reinforcements to the United Arab Emirates. so that the first evacuation to Abu Dhabi can begin “. France also promised “ an extraordinary effort Welcoming Afghan figures in danger such as artists, journalists and human rights defenders. Emmanuel Macron is expected to speak after the Defense Council meeting this Monday evening.

The Germans will deploy troops to Afghanistan to evacuate their last civilians as well as the Afghans in danger. According to the government’s plan, an airlift should be arranged to allow the evacuation of 2,000 Afghans working for the Germans.” especially threatened women, human rights defenders and activists of other NGOs “, according to AFP.

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London has sent troops to evacuate its citizens, its embassy and Afghans who have served Britain for 20 years. were going” Together with our allies in the UN Security Council, send the message that we do not want anyone to unilaterally recognize the Taliban. we want a shared status », Hammered Boris Johnson on British television.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on Monday called for the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan. failure of the international community “and warned that it was” no moment Recognizing the Taliban as the official government of the country.

China wants friendly relations »

Not only Russia and China have vacated their embassies. Russian Ambassador Dmitry Zyrnov is expected to meet a representative of the Taliban, the security coordinator, on Tuesday. Depending on the actions of the mullahs, Moscow may (or may not) decide to recognize the new democratic regime. However, the ambassador hinted at the Russian approach by telling Russian television station Rossiya 24 that the Taliban ” public order “Ensure the security of the Russian Embassy in the Afghan capital and put forward a positive sign, according to him:” Schools for girls continue to operate ”, in Kabul, he welcomed.

The Chinese regime intends to cultivate friendly relations with the Taliban. In recent weeks, the country, which shares a border of 76 km with Afghanistan, has said ” irresponsible » US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Faced with the risk of chaos, Chinese officials began discussions with the Taliban in September 2019, a delegation of which had received at the time in China.

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