Chewing gum capable of reducing the spread of coronavirus under study

United States of america – Experimental new chewing gum can reduce the amount of coronavirus particles in saliva and help slow transmission, according to a study recently published in the journal. molecular medicine[1],

The gum contains a protein that “traps” virus particles and can limit the spread of virus-laden droplets when infected people speak, breathe or cough.

The authors of the “study” wrote, “chewing gum containing virus-scavenging proteins would be an accessible strategy (financially) to protect patients from most oral viral re-infections or reduce transmission to others.” The strategy will be there.”

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania tested chewing gum in test tubes using saliva samples and swabs from patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who have been confirmed to be infected.

The gum contains copies of the ACE2 protein found on the surface of cells, which the coronavirus ‘spike’ protein uses to enter and infect cells.

During in vitro experiments, viral particles bind to ACE2 receptors in the gum. The researchers said the viral load in the samples dropped by more than 95%.

According to Reuters, the gum has the texture and taste of classic shoeing gum and can be stored at room temperature for years. Researchers said that chewing gum does not damage the ACE2 protein molecules.

The researchers said that using the gum to reduce the viral load in saliva would add to global vaccination efforts and could be useful in countries where vaccines are not widely available or affordable. The gum is made from medicinal grade plant material and was developed to meet FDA requirements, he said.

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Chewing gum is not currently available, but researchers continue to test it in the United States.

The article originally appeared on under the title Experimental Chewing Gum Canned Reduce Coronavirus Spread. Translated by Stephanie Lavaud.

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