Cher congratulates Kate Bush on breaking her UK chart record

Cher is a good loser! While her collaborator Kate Bush broke her own record for the oldest artist to win the top of the British charts, The Interpreter to acceptCongratulates the interpreter, away from the grief of losing his place in the history books running up That Hill, The song went to No. 1 almost 40 years after its release.

“Well done Kate. Records are only made to be broken. Think of a time when women had very short expiration dates. We had to push our way through the veil of testosterone, and we did so to keep the future behind us.” Girls can sing as long as they want. Mega Samman,” said Writing Pop Superstars on Twitter.


either running up That Hill has become so popular again, it’s apparently thanks to strange things, Netflix’s nostalgic sci-fi series uses Kate Bush’s hit in its new and final season in a very interesting way. A scenario that arose during the previous season never ending Storytitle taken from film never ending story and done by Limahl. Her appearance in the series allowed the singer of Kazagu to return to the front of the stage.

A situation nonetheless unexpected for the British star, who has been pondered over the years. And his reaction was like his surprise: shaken.

“I’m overwhelmed by the love and support the song is getting and it all happens very quickly, as if it’s being pushed by some kind of primal force. I have to admit that I really feel it all. Thank you so much for making the song number 1 in such an unexpected way,” wrote Kate Bush.

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