CHANNEL CROSSING: France says Boris Johnson mocks Franco-British ties as he urged Prime Minister to “take responsibility” for migrant crisis. UK News

Boris Johnson has been accused of ridiculing Franco-British relations after he posted a letter to Emmanuel Macron on Twitter about how the channel was handling the migrant crisis.

French Home Secretary Gerald Dormanin said the prime minister should “take responsibility” for those attempting to cross the waters into Britain.

He said Mr Johnson acted in a “special case” by opting to mail a letter President of France in-line, Description of the solutions they proposed Small boat crossing.

French Home Secretary Gerald Dormanin says Mr Johnson should ‘take responsibility’

This decision angered France so much that He withdrew UK invitation to attend weekend talks With other European ministers on how to stop the flow of people crossing the Strait of the Pas de Calais.

Mr Darmanin told the French television channel BFMTV: “When there are serious diplomatic exchanges … and the lives that are at stake … and a few minutes later you see that a letter, which no one has ever received. Spoken first, posted on Twitter from the British Prime Minister to the President of the French Republic before the President of the Republic receives it, it’s a bit strange.”

He continued: “When the British say in this letter that the French should ‘take back their emigrants, all their emigrants’, it is a joke.”

And he said that Franco-British relations were not currently “normal” and that “our private exchanges are not always at the stage of our public exchanges”.

The French minister had previously declared The United Kingdom must make itself less financially attractive to migrants.

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comes after 27 people died trying to cross the body of water In a small boat that capsized last Wednesday – the biggest tragedy since the start of the current crisis.

The dead included a pregnant woman, children and a 24-year-old Kurdish woman from northern Iraq. trying to find his fiancé,

Downing Street, however, insisted Mr Johnson has full faith in Priti Patel.

Vigilance held at Folkestone in memory of 27 people killed while trying to cross the Channel

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister fully recognizes the work being done by the Home Minister to solve this difficult problem. ,

The spokesman said the most important step that could be taken to resolve the issue would be for France to accept the return of the migrants.

Responding to France’s criticism of Britain’s handling of the situation, the spokesman said: “The biggest deterrent, the biggest step we can take with France will be a withdrawal agreement, as indicated by the prime minister last week. Had given.

“But we are already taking action through our Nationality and Boundaries Bill to reduce pull factors in the UK and make our asylum system strong but fair.”

Dutch and UK governments agree Migrants must be returned to the safe country before their arrival,

After talks on Sunday, it was agreed that an aircraft operated by the European Union’s border agency Frontex would monitor the Channel shores for people crossing from 1 December.

This is the remains of a boat that capsized in the English Channel and killed 27 people
Boat capsizes in English Channel, 27 killed

Migration officials have also promised to cooperate more closely against smuggling networks and the inflatable boat trade.

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Ms. Patel would have been satisfied with the decision to send the Frontex plane.

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