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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned of full stadiums at the European Championships and warned the European Football Association (UEFA) to take responsible decisions in view of the aggressive delta version of the coronavirus.

“I don’t think it’s good if stadiums are full,” Merkel said on Tuesday after a meeting with EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin from the point of view of Great Britain. You don’t think so, but hopefully UEFA will deal with the situation responsibly, Merkel said.

Raheem Sterling (center) scored 1-0 against Croatia at Wembley Stadium in Euro (Photo: Picture Alliance / Associated PR)
Raheem Sterling (center) scored 1-0 against Croatia in Euros at Wembley Stadium. Even in London, event prices are currently rising again (Photo: Picture Alliance / Associated PR)

The delta version of the virus is prevalent in the UK. It has been discussed for days whether the semi-finals and final of the EM should go as planned in London or whether the venue will be changed.

14 days quarantine for travelers from England

Merkel stressed that since Great Britain is a virus isolated region, everyone returning to Germany from there would have to be in quarantine for 14 days – with very few exceptions. Travel is very limited. He supported all efforts of the British Government to implement necessary sanitation measures.

Ursula von der Leyen (59, left), Angela Merkel (63) in Brussels (Photo: DPA)
Ursula von der Leyen and Angela Merkel met in Berlin on Tuesday (Archive Photo) (Photo: DPA)

Merkel once again expressed regret that in the EU “it is not yet possible to have completely equal treatment among member states with respect to travel rules. This strikes back.” The chancellor said that a situation like Portugal, where Large-scale measures would have to be taken in the city of Lisbon, which probably could have been avoided. “That’s why we have to work harder here,” Merkel demanded. I want to be the European Union”.

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Merkel thanked the head of the EU Commission for its commitment in the fight against the coronavirus: “She basically has no capacity in the whole business of fighting the pandemic, and is pushing the health union and an incredible amount of money.” Has attained.” He has full German cooperation.

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