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While the championship resumed its rights last weekend, only four tricolors will be entered in this championship in 2022.

Kevin Laroir and Louis Jouffret in Halifax, Hakim Miloudi in Barrow and Lévi Nzongou in Widnes, the French contingent in the championship arrives in 2022 for four players. A very small number that challenges but which is also explained, we try to look a little clearer.

Given that the average level of the championship is higher than the Elite 1, it is actually the second best rugby league championship in the Northern Hemisphere after the Super League. This is a mandatory route for many Englishmen before entering the major leagues, and Super League clubs prefer to lend their young players to teams in this championship to continue reinventing themselves. So how do I explain that the French don’t go there?

Brexit, Covid and Climate

One of the first reasons to explain this small number of Frenchies in the championship is the health crisis. Traveling between France and the United Kingdom is still not easy and it was very complicated even at the height of the pandemic. We must add the pandemic, Brexit, which has complicated movement between the two countries and difficulties in obtaining visas, even if the rules may be eased soon. Even if it hasn’t made anything impossible, the various protocols may already be making some Frenchmen chill for short-term adventures in the championship.

Another reason for this disillusionment is that the climate of northern England is also slightly less attractive than that of southern France. Not to mention that English gastronomy isn’t really that famous. In the end it’s a real change of culture for a player and that’s without real guarantees because that’s our final point.

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Championship contracts are often single-season and semi-professional. In this championship, many players have jobs in their side. It is therefore difficult for a French player to be able to sign on to the championship and live off rugby only during his experience. With this added that the proposed contract will be for one year and hence it risks going the opposite way.

A perfect springboard for the Super League

As mentioned above, it is not easy for a French player to develop into the championship, but it remains within the realm of the possible and is a real springboard for the Super League which should be the aim of any young player. Thanks to the few broadcasts the sport has seen, Elite 1 has become a bit more visible to the English, but it is not yet at championship level.

Several English teams have entered into agreements with clubs in the lower division to loan youth players. As stated earlier, the level of the championship is higher than the French championship and especially in physical terms. Having a good team starter in this championship doesn’t guarantee a future in the Super League, but it does increase your chances.

The north of England and its semi-professional championship is not El Dorado, but it should entice more tricolors who want to live up to their game. Before this championship was the Toulouse Olympics which gave it visibility in France, the young Frenchman should not forget it. Treise Mondial will closely follow the four courageous players who will play this season, hoping to rise up the ranks during the year or in the future.

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