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League Express reveals the contents of the negotiations for the championship and the resumption of Ligue 1. The return to the competition should also be postponed.

After the Super League, other championships should also be postponed. The 3 week main idea for the championship is a light schedule. The number of days should increase to 22. All teams will face each other with 9 additional matches as per the last known ranking. Summer Bash will be held at the stadium with the hope of seeing the public return.

Ligue 1 can be moved more but with the number of normal matches. The Championship may actually begin in May, but this challenge will be a problem for teams competing in the Cup. Nothing has been achieved yet and the RFL is yet to meet to validate the new schedule. The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the case of the Toulouse Olympics, for which the French authorities have strongly advised their citizens not to travel to the United Kingdom.

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