Champions League final: State urged to take responsibility for stadium chaos as questions are raised over missing CCTV footage uk news sky news

The question has been asked why the CCTV of the chaos outside the Stade de France on the night of the Champions League final was removed.

The footage – which apparently showed police spraying fans and families during last month’s game against Real Madrid – was not given to investigators and has now disappeared, French senators said Look into evening management.

He demanded that the state take responsibility for what happened and identify the culprits for handling the crowd.

Stade de France security appears to have been overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, leaving many fans waiting outside the pitch for hours.

French officials initially charged what they claimed were 30,000 to 40,000 English fans, who they said appeared “without valid tickets”.

Police officers guard the Stade de France before the match. Photo: Associated Press

But in trying to understand what happened on the ground, Sky News geotagged several videos posted on social mediaIn which fans were shown climbing channels, climbing fences and aiming with pepper spray.

Sky Sports News chief correspondent Kaweh SolhekoliAmong those who gasped in the stadium were.

The disturbance drew worldwide attention to the heavy-handed French police and raised questions about how France handles security at major events. liverpool The FC has requested a “formal inquiry” into the incidents.

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Sky News scrutinized the footage to find out what really happened

Senator Laurent Lafon, who heads a commission seeking an explanation for what happened, said: “The general perception of how the Champions League final unfolded is a lack of preparation, a lack of preparation ahead of time. , lack of response during incidents and suspicious management after the incident

“The seriousness of the incidents (…) requires a state response,” he said.

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What really happened at the Stade de France?

He did not name specific culprits, but noted that all those responsible for handling the situation “failed at one point or another”, and that all worked for the government.

He added that the automatic removal of surveillance video “gives the impression that no one is responsible, and since no one is responsible, no one is to blame”. declared.

He and another senator spoke at the Stade de France to summarize the commission’s work so far. He did not directly address police brutality.

Liverpool supporters in front of the Stade de France

A senior government official tasked with issuing a report on what happened said security measures had to be adapted as the crowds gathered.

Asked by senators, Michel Cadot called for exploring new means of crowd control in stadiums, such as mounted police and artificial intelligence systems to monitor and predict crowd movements, especially in the wake of the Paris 2024 Olympics. . ,

shift blame

Paris police chief Admitted that the evening was a ‘failure’ But he and the Home Secretary say that the police were reacting to the presence of thousands of fans without tickets or fake tickets near the stadium.

Witnesses and the mayor of Liverpool have disputed the version of the French authorities, saying that the French authorities want to shift the blame.

UEFA is also investigating events that marked one of the biggest matches in world sport.

Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1–0 to enter the final.

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