Champions League Final: Britain’s defeat at UEFA Turkey declares “Red Zone”

Skim by the politician, aut – aut is obvious. Or there is no audience in Istanbul. Or an All-English final in England.

The Champions League final generates a wave. Scheduled in Istanbul, but … the English don’t want to press UEFA and make sure Villa Park or Wembley host the finals. They do not listen to us from Turkey. And the Federation Ditto. However, the “setback” may have come from the British government that declared Turkey a “red zone”. This means that fans will not be able to reach Istanbul.

Policy – The feeling is that, as the BBC reports, the issue is political. The situation is in full development. In fact, UEFA has confirmed the Turkish venue to host the final act of the competition. The British government, however, was clear. Red-list countries cannot be visited unless there is a need. And as far as we are concerned, the Champions League final does not fall under the concept of a mandatory event. Among other things, the British Government has expressed a desire to host the challenge in England.

Uefa – The status of UEFA remains unchanged. The intention of the International Federation was to give a minimum of 4000 tickets to the supporters of both teams. From 2019 Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shaps explained his position, “Britain has impeccable tracking. And it was very successful when it was called upon to host spectator matches. I believe the circumstances to do so Ideal for. We are all set. Take the weight of organizing the Champions League final. Obviously, UEFA has the final word but as there are two English clubs in the final, we are very keen to know its status. “

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Chess – A step that keeps UEFA in check. Skim by the politician, aut – aut is obvious. Or there is no audience in Istanbul. Or an All-English final in England. Among other things, the Red Zone may also have an impact on Europeans. Quarantine, the BBC points out, could involve and compromise the start of many athletes at Euro 2020 which would begin 12 days after the final in Istanbul. As for the bureaucracy, there is also joy: Chelsea supporters trust that they will meet UEFA this week and ask for the finals to go to the United Kingdom. And even the city groups are pushing for the game to move forward from Istanbul.

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