Champions League final: “a horror” as seen from the United Kingdom

heyAcross the channel, the Champions League final is hard to digest, and not only because of Liverpool’s 1-0 loss to Real. Received tear gas by France and French law enforcement, do not pass. “We are treated like criminals! In a video broadcast on Sky News, a fan shows off his ticket. But we didn’t do anything wrong. Some, from red eyes, hide their mouth and nose with their red scarf. The video also shows a young man scuffles with security while another, at a barrier, takes gas in the face. “It’s a joke! A supporter’s protest. We go to Anfield every week, everything’s going well. Why are they here throwing tear gas at us?” The same atmosphere among supporters at the Liverpool fan zone in Vincennes Coughing and covering his face. “French bastards! shouts an Englishman.

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Faced with these scenes, the Liverpool club said it was “extremely disappointed” and called for an investigation to be opened “to determine the causes of these unacceptable problems”. Last night’s Champions League final game was played with a delay of thirty-six minutes. According to UEFA and Police Headquarters, this is due to supporters with fake tickets who blocked the turnstiles to enter the stadium. From the Stade de France, Gerald Darmine thanked the police and blamed “thousands of British supporters” who “sometimes mistreated the managers”. One hundred and five people were arrested. Sixty thousand Reds supporters were in the capital on Saturday, while they were allotted only 20,000 tickets. Among them, some whose EasyJet flight was canceled also traveled in inflatable boats connecting Jersey Island with Saint-Malo to support their team.

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state of shock

In the stadium, a sign indicated that the delay of the match was linked to “the late arrival of the fans”. A “completely wrong” version according to the club. A Facebook group of Liverpool fans, Spirit of Shankly, has been vocal in calling the handling of the final “incompetent”. He believes that the French police did not know how to manage “local youth gangs before and after the match”. “You weren’t late at all,” commented the Paris representative of Liverpool County, Merdesy’s police, indicating that he had attended his “worst European match”. “The behavior of the fans at the turnstile was exemplary under the shocking circumstances,” he said.

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The British press does not even hide its state of shock. “A pathetic night” for BBC sports columnist; “Infected View”, title Sun , “A Horror”, meanwhile titled daily mailHe told that pregnant women and families have been targeted by the police. A BBC reporter, Nick Parrott, who came in private and is a regular in the European finals, said on the radio that he “received the spray for the first time. [sa] life”. Reds defender Andy Robertson called the management a “disaster”.

The final, which was supposed to take place in St Petersburg, served as a test for Paris, which is hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympics in 2024. Meanwhile, UEFA specified that it was “kind to those affected” by these incidents and that it would investigate this chaotic management “as a matter of urgency”.

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