Champigny-sur-Marne: Already a Month Without Science in Many Classes at Aubrac College

“Without a manager, it’s a hassle, without a childcare center, it’s pathetic”, This Wednesday afternoon, staff and parents of students of Lucie Aubrac College in Champigny-sur-Marne chant in front of the Rectorate of Cretel.

“Five years ago, we battled for an additional, full-time internship Senior Education Consultant (CPE). The Elementary Education Network (REP) has mobilized the entire teaching team to better supervise the students of this establishment. We have checked absenteeism and academic Progress is made on attainment. But at the beginning of the school year, we get the feeling that we are going backwards”, regrets a teacher while the CPE finds himself alone again.

Still no SVT in 4th grade, and no maths in 1st class

Also since the beginning of the school year, about a hundred students (four classes) have been deprived of SVT (earth science and life) lessons due to teacher shortages and a single class not having maths for the same reason.

“Two years ago, we had 57% students from families in disadvantaged socio-professional categories, this year the proportion has increased to 66%. Along with this impoverishment, Champagne-sur-Marne has a characteristic climate with the occurrence of squabbles. We need these positions more than ever”, pleads to a teacher.

Student’s parents share concern. “We have a very committed learning team that offers student activities between noon and two hours, with board games, cinema and manga clubs. There are also tools to help dropout students. Destroy all of these projects. There are 557 students with a CPE when Paul Valiant Couturier College has two for a total of 850 students., specifies Augustin Lerol, the representative of the parents of the FCEE students.

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At the moment, a consensus has not been reached in the meetings with the Departmental National Education Services Management. “He told us that the part-time CPE position he had enjoyed for the past five years was really just a bonus and we were able to manage without it. Two inspections were conducted in the light, one with CPE and the other at establishment With the chief. But we can’t let go or else he won’t give us anything.”, says a teacher.

On the spot this Wednesday, the demonstrators received the support of Fatiha Agouane, president of the opposition group Val-de-Marne in common with the department, and Janic Le Lagdec, the opposition city councillor. The Town Hall of Champigny-sur-Marne has also expressed its support for the mobilization of the college.

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