Chad: More than 300 rebels and 5 soldiers killed in the north on Saturday

#Other Countries : The Chadian army assured on Monday that it had killed more than 300 rebels, who have led an incursion into the north of the country for eight days and lost five soldiers in the fighting on Saturday.

A rebel faction, the Front launched an aggressive campaign from its rear bases in Libya on l’alternance et la concorde au Tchad (FACT), the presidential election day for which Idris Debbie Itno, who had been in power for 30 years Are in power. , The winner is awarded.

“On the enemy side, more than 300 rebels were neutralized” On Saturday, army spokesman General Azim Bermondo Agouna told AFP, displaced: “Five martyrs on the friendly side”.

On Saturday, the government said rebel attacks in Tibesti and Kanam provinces “ended”.

General Bermondoa also claimed that 36 soldiers were wounded in the fighting on Saturday and 150 rebels were taken prisoner, “others responsible”.

In addition, “24 vehicles were recovered”, he said. “The sweep continues,” the spokesperson concluded.

The FACT, for its part, said in a statement on Sunday that it “liberated the Kaname region”, where the fighting took place on Saturday.

In the Tibesti massacre along the border with Libya, rebels regularly confront the Chadian army.

In February 2019, those who came from Libya in an attempt to overthrow President Idris Debbie Itno were prevented from bombing French fighter jets at the request of N’Djamena.

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