CGTN Media Challengers Finals concludes, attracting Generation Z from across the globe

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Beijing, October 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CGTN’s global recruitment campaign The Media Challengers concluded Tuesday in the city of Sanya Province. Hainan, in southern China. A total of 24 finalists, including distant foreign contestants, gathered to participate in the live competitions and the most important event of the competition: the final ceremony.

Members of four teams that visited the towns of Shanghaihandjob wuhanhandjob Xi’an, With all . In the tourist area of ​​Puzhei in the province Yunnan For the reality show, the semi-finalists demonstrated multiple media skills.

When In the final, the contestants not only presented their video tasks, but also faced each other in a number of final challenges, including a speaking challenge, a debate and an incentive challenge, during which their team spirit and individual abilities were measured. has been performed well.

Four experienced judges and eight media reviewers sat on a panel and awarded points to each team, while an online jury composed of the world’s top 200 finalists was also present. In addition, 60 online participants from around the world were present, raising the spirits of the finalists as well as broadcasting the events in real time to all corners of the globe. Group prizes and individual prizes were also distributed at the end of the final round.

The Media Challengers event was not only a window for young Chinese media professionals to tell the world’s Chinese stories and broadcast Chinese culture, but also a platform for young people from around the world to showcase their talents, pursue their dreams. want to do and gain a deeper understanding. of China. Media challengers from around the world presented what Gen Z thinks, says and feels.

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Since its official launch on April 8, 2021, the Campaign for Global Host Reporters and Influencers has attracted many new media professionals, influencers and thought leaders from over 130 countries and territories. Some 860 consumer online media from 60 countries and territories, including the United States, United Kingdom Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea covered the event.

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