CGEM renews its governance bodies

The CGEM followed the procedure of its Board of Directors on 11 May in the presence of the Presidents of the CGEM regions and newly elected or re-elected internal federations, in accordance with the provisions of its statutes and its internal regulations. Renewal of the bodies of governance of the Confederation started on 4 January.
The following were selected at the end of this process:

  • CGEM Dakhla Oued Eddahab: Mr. MOHAMMAD ZEBDI Chairman and Mr. Erragheb HORMATOLLAH General Vice President.
  • CGEM Dra Tafilalet: Mr. Lahoussin Nasseri President and Mr. Abdellatif el Idrisi General Vice President;
  • CGEM Face Makes: Mr. Omar Tajmouti President and Mr. Hamza Benadballa Vice President General;
  • CGEM Layeune Sakia Al Hamra: Mr. Mohamed Salem Benmasoud President and Moulay Brahim Chris General Vice President;
  • CGEM Marrakech Safi: Mr. Yusuf Mouhi President Mr. Hamza Baroudi Vice President General;
  • CGEM Oriental: Mr. Nouredin Bachiri President and Mr. Amin Fatmi General Vice President;
  • CGEM Rabat Saleh Kenitra: Mrs. Butayna Iraqi President and Mr. Hassan Nadir General Vice President;
  • CGEM Sous Massa: Mr. Dris Bouti President and Sri Brahim Sahib General Vice President;
  • CGEM Tenger Tetouan Al Hoceima: Mr. Adil RAIS President and Mrs. Chabia Balbajiou General Vice President.

The presidents of the following internal associations were also elected:

  • Automobile Federation: Mr. Adil Zaidi President and Mr. Ali MOAMAH, General Vice President;
  • Federation of Trade and Services FCS: Mr. Hicham Sadli President and Mr. Yasin Karim General Vice President;
  • Association of Cultural and Creative Industries FICC: Mrs. Neela Tazy President and Mr. Abdelkader Retnani General Vice President;
  • Federation of Forest Industries, Graphic Arts and Packaging Fifes: Mr. Munir L. Bari President and Mr. L. Habib Dukkli General Vice President;
  • Federation of Maritime Fisheries FPM: Mr. Ali Okacha, President and Mr. Taufik Jaundi General Vice President;
  • Federation of Banking and Financial Sectors FSBF: Mr. Abdelmounim Dinia was elected president and Mrs. Aufai MRIOUAH was elected vice president.
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The CGEM Board of Directors also approved the appointment of 5 Business Council Chairs, namely:

  • Mr. Aziz Taraji at the Morocco-Mauritania Business Council;
  • Ms. Gita LAHLOU at the Moroccan-Israel Business Council;
  • Mr. Majid Iraqi at the Morocco-UAE Business Council;
  • Mr. Najib Chirabi in the Moroccan-Turkey Business Council;
  • Mr. Abdul Zaidi at the Moroccan-Romania Business Council.

The meeting was an opportunity for the board members of CGEM to discuss current economic topics such as social dialogue, preparation of 2023 finance law, payment deadlines, reimbursement of VAT credit as well as international issues.

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