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eLichens – ELsi station unveiled at CES 2021

Used in the corridors of CES Las Vegas, Isère-based start-up eLichens is leveraging this digital version to introduce its latest innovation: a state-of-the-art air quality measurement station.

Although eLichens can no longer rely on its regular presence at trade fairs dedicated to technological innovation in an essential context, CEA-generated start-ups in Grenoble continue to strengthen themselves to continue to conquer new markets Intends “We usually opt out of shows like CES Las Vegas, which have a full portfolio of contacts and clients. To keep ourselves informed, we will develop new areas in Europe and Asia [en Angleterre et en Chine notamment, Ndlr]”, Mark Artia, Marketing Director.

ELichens, which currently has long-standing partnerships in North America, along with a few other partners based in San Francisco, will develop Grenoble teams (with 32 employees) next June to develop commercial relationships in these areas Will join

Meanwhile, eLichens will present its new eLsi indoor air quality measurement station at CES 2021. Thanks to the miniature air quality analysis and prediction sensors developed by eLichens, the presence of instrument measures fine particulate matter, as well as temperature, humidity, pressure and noise and light levels. The user receives notifications and alerts through the touch screen.

Primarily marketed in B2B, solutions developed by eLichens are primarily installed in companies. Some of these sensors, for example, are used to measure potential gas leaks in refrigerators where doses of Kovid-19 vaccines are stored. Among its customers, eLichens has also counted cooling and heating specialist Daikin. Locally, several Alichen stations have been deployed in Grenoble “In real time and the road closer” Air quality and especially the presence of polluting particles.

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Without disclosing its business, eLichens is already counting on a successful fiscal year for the new year. “The beginning of the year 2021 has been very good and if all goes according to plan, we can triple our previous business.”

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