Cervical cancer screening campaign has been started

With 3,000 new cases and about 1,100 deaths every year in France, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women under 45.

Cancer screening posted on Monday, January 25, 2021 by Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Lands

Yet the disease is preventable because it is caused by the virus – papillomavirus (HPV) – and a vaccine is present. It is recommended from the age of 11. It is also easy to treat if caught early. Hence the prevention campaign was launched in January.

“For many cancers, earlier diagnosis is made, less cumbersome treatment and the possibility of better recovery. The benefit of early diagnosis is fundamental because it allows better treatment, but also to limit the sequelae associated with certain types. ”, Indicates Denise Smith, president of the Center for Coordination and Cancer Screening in New Aquitaine.

An open line in the land

Bhoomi: “Only 7.8% of women strictly follow screening gaps”

In the Lands, 60% of women are screened individually … “Unfortunately, out of this number, they are either screened at a” sub-optimal “rate (over three years), or regularly And finally it is only 7.8%. Strictly respect the screening interval (after every three years, two normal tests a year apart) “, indicate health officials in the department.

HPV, which is the cause of cervical cancer, is responsible for anterior lesions and cancer of the cervix, but also of the oropharynx of the vagina, penis, and ENT region. That is why the objective, followed by this prevention week, is to reduce the number of deaths in the population by reaching 80% of the coverage rate: the expansion of anti-HPV vaccination among girls and boys from age 11 (11) To 14 years: two doses spaced 6 to 13 months apart and three doses from 15 to 19 years old (0.2 and 6 months), improving professional practices by screening at the correct time intervals; Ensuring monitoring; Reducing disparities in access to this screening; .

In lands, a number is set for all information. This is +33 5 58 52 27 99.

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