Cervical cancer prevention and detection in Occitanie

starting today 16th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (24-30 January, 2022). She calls all women aged 25 to 65 who haven’t had a smear for at least 3 years for testing.

Dr. Joseph Pujol assumed his duty as the Director General of the Regional Center for the Coordination of Cancer Screening in Occitanie (Crcdc-OC) on November 17, 2021. University radiologist and former head of service at the Chu de Montpellier, Dr. Pujol has been engaged in breast cancer screening for years: he created the Mammmobile in 1990 with Professor Jean-Louis Lamarck at Hérault.
Crcdc-OC is a major player in public health prevention, implementing and coordinating the organized screening for breast, colon and cervical cancer across 13 departments in the Occitanie region.

It aims to improve the health of the population by detecting cancerous lesions as early as possible. This allows for early management of the disease, with a better chance of recovery, usually mild treatment and reduces the risk of sequelae.

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week:
The 16th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is being observed this year from 24 January to 30 January 2022. This is an opportunity to remind all women aged 25 to 65 who have not had a Pap smear under the age of 3. Each year in France there are 3,000 new cases of cervical cancer and 1,100 deaths from this cancer; Yet the disease is now preventable through vaccination and screening

Cervical cancer is consistently associated with high-risk HPV virus infection, yet there are vaccines that can protect against the HPV viruses that are often involved in cancer. Vaccination is recommended for young girls, but catch-up is possible up to age 19, even for young boys between the ages of 11 and 14.
In addition to vaccinations, it is important to get tested regularly.

Pap smear screening is recommended for all women ages 25 to 65. Every 3 years before the age of 30, 1 year after 2 negative tests and every 5 years after the age of 30. Screening can be done on prescription from a general practitioner, gynecologist, midwife, or in some laboratories.

In 2018, the Ministry of Health launched a national organized screening program for cervical cancer, which is managed by the CRCDC: Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center in each region. The purpose of these centers is to invite eligible women and to invite them back in due course or in the event of abnormal screening results, to ensure that necessary additional examinations are carried out.

In 2021, over 650,000 women were invited to do this screening by Crcdc Occitanie. Within the framework of organized screening, the analysis of the “smear” is covered 100% by health insurance without upfront payment.

More information: https://occitanie-depistagecancer.fr/

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