Celebrity SAS: ‘Sure’ with Keron Dyer and Alexandra Burke in Who Dyers Win line-up stars

Celebrity SAS: 'Sure' with Keron Dyer and Alexandra Burke in Who Dyers Win line-up stars

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins Bose promises to make this year’s series “the best of all time” as the line-up is more diverse than the previous year.

Already on this year’s celebratory list are loose women panelist Saira Khan, former footballer Kieron Dyer and former Love Island star Wes Nelson.

The trio is set to move forward in a military camp run by brutal taskmaster Ant Middleton, as musician Alexandra Burke and tele presenter Ore Odubao are set to join.

Celebrities on the Brave Channel 4 show face deadly challenges that test both their mental and physical strength in tough situations.

Love Island star Weiss is going to test his physical and mental strength

Celebrities like Ulrika Johnson, Vicky Pattinson, Jack Kikkenden and James Kraknell are ready to join for several difficult hurdles and courses.

An insider told The Sun: “Channel 4 makes sure that not all the shows it airs are different from modern Britain and SAS.

“They think they’ve dropped one of the best series in SAS yet, because all the names are impressive and have a real mix of characters.”

Footy star Kieron has also reportedly joined the lineup

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is also set to take part

The source added: “Kieron, Jack, Wes and James are all physically healthy, but mentally, you have stars like Vicky who don’t easily crack between very hard cookies and stress.

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“They are currently isolated in a hotel to make sure they are completely covid-safe before filming begins.”

Wes and Kieron are currently filming the Channel 4 program in remote areas of Scotland.

Ularika said she is excited to join the lineup

Loose women panelist Saira Khan is also set to join the series

A source told The Sun: “This is a huge challenge for the pair. They may have muscles but they may have stamina. They are both seriously fit and looking forward to doing well.”

Celebrity SAS: The ongoing coronavirus epidemic is set to film Who’s Dress Win later this month.

Former Jordi Shore star will recover from the challenge

Ore Oduba will surpass his pace in a two-week military training course

The event was initiated by former British soldier Anter and the stars showed their momentum in a two-week military training course.

Challenges are tantamount to torture – the contestants end up waking up for hours on end and face interrogation in the final role scene.

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