Celebration of Science at Costa Belle School

Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of their teacher, Christopher Guérs-le Guen, students of classes CE1-CE2 of the Costa Belle School in Popione and Saint-Boussil-de-la-Silve participated in the 2021 edition. science is amazing ,

The event organized by the European Commission, completely digital, takes place from 10 to 26 December. It brings together 3,000 teachers and 20,000 students from 2,760 schools in 70 countries, and puts them in contact with 500 scientists from around the world. A dream opportunity for this category of “nature explorers”, aged between 7 to 12 years, to “Bring the magic of science straight into the classroom by meeting real scientists from across Europe!”

five invited scientists

Through webinars in French and English, they asked five scientists to answer their specific questions about their project of comparative exploration of local biodiversity between their school and other schools in the Canary Islands, via the eTwining platform. meet. but also concrete questions arising from his research on nature, such as “How do plants communicate?” or “Do Plants Feel Things?”, Answered by Guy Polturak from the John Innes Center (England). From the study of salamanders (Anne-Claire Fabre, Museum für Naturkunde), through the discovery of adaptation strategies of animals and plants to resist extreme temperatures (Quentin Willot, Aarhus University).

Another big success and perhaps some new business for this connected class focused on nature and exploration.

Etwining.fr and Scienceiswonderful.eu . more details on

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