Cavid-19: Welcome to the city of California in defiance of the order to set up a home-based business. US News

The city of Solvang in California has always been a bit different.

The ‘American Danish Capital’, located in the Valley of the Wine Country, is regularly voted among the Christmas venues in the United States.

However, a wind of rebellion is blowing between the windmills and the pastries.

The city council of Salvage has voted unanimously to reject the state CaliforniaThe latest Order to stay home. It will not apply things like bans on outside food.

The city’s Copenhagen drive still has low numbers

The city said the emergency move is aimed at protecting small businesses in a city that relies heavily on tourism, especially during the holiday season.

Deputy Mayor Claudia Orona has denied that Solvang is leading a revolution.

“We are not inviting businesses to break the law,” he told Sky News.

Solvang Claudia Arona Deputy Mayor
Claudia Orona, deputy mayor of Solvang

“As a city we believe that instead of enforcing and enforcing fines, we know that businesses are accountable and comply with orders and laws, and our role is most directed towards finding resources for education and protection.”

City streets were usually buzzing with tourists at this time of year.

The numbers are very low on Tuesday afternoon at Copenhagen Drive right from the Hans Christian Anderson Museum.

The so-called & # 39;  The Danish capital of the United States of America & # 39;  Regular voting is the most festive place in the United States
The so-called ‘American Danish capital’ is the most celebrated place in the United States to be voted regularly

A handful of people sit at tables in the middle of the street, sipping coffee and a quick AbelSkiver, now closed to their traffic.

The mood in the business is a cautious welcome for this move by the city.

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David Watts’ family opened a year-long Christmas store called Julio Haas more than 50 years ago.

“We can’t stop thinking for ourselves and leaning towards government thinking,” he said.

City streets were usually buzzing at this time of year
City streets were usually buzzing at this time of year

“Of course they can provide information and statistics and advice. We keep ourselves much more open if we lie down for unjust and unjust actions.”

The city is pointed downwards COVID-19 Case numbers have been proven to be justified in its action, but there are counties in the vicinity Report record number This week.

And, just because Los Angeles is just two hours away, there are concerns that the crowds of visitors could increase the risk.

Solvang said they want to help businesses during the holiday season
Solvang said they want to help businesses during the holiday season

Michael Cobb, owner of High Roller Tiki Lounge, described the city scene on Saturday.

“It just exploded with people. We overwhelmed people thinking everything was open. I tried to make it clear that it’s not Las Vegas yet,” he said.

He could lose his alcohol license if he refuses state rules, something he refuses to take the risk.

In this small corner of California it symbolizes feeling. They want to be open, but not at any cost.

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