Cavid-19: Trump’s power is “more people could die” if smooth transition is not ensured, Biden says US News

US President-elect Joe Biden says more people could die if the Trump administration does not help ensure a smooth transition of power.

Mr Biden added that he was hopeful that Mr Trump would be “lightly enlightened” before the inauguration on January 20.

Despite increasing public pressure, Republican administration The President-elect has refused to initiate a traditional theological transformation briefing on issues related to national security and policy.

Mr. Trump is also preventing Mr. Biden’s team from informing them about coronavirus epidemic control and potential vaccine distribution efforts.

The presidential electorate was speaking with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris from its temporary headquarters in Delaware on Monday.

Asked about the Trump administration’s reluctance to work with his party, Mr Biden told reporters: “More people could die if we don’t coordinate.

“As my main staff used to say when we managed Ebola – a vaccine is important, but it will be of little use until you get vaccinated … How do we vaccinate 300 million Americans, what’s the game plan?”

“It’s a huge undertaking to get it done, give priority to those who need it the most …” Done.

“If we have to wait until January 20 to start this plan, it has left us a month, a month and a half behind.”

Mr. Trump felt that the remarks were delayed before he acknowledged Mr. Biden’s election victory for the first time on Sunday, and reiterated the false claim of widespread voter fraud.

Asked how his party would prepare to lead the country without Mr Trump’s help during the transition, Mr Biden said: We are ready in one day … It will be much easier if the President takes part … I am hopeful that the President will be slightly brighter before he leaves on January 20. “

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Asked about Twitter on the weekend where the president insisted he had won the election, Mr Biden laughed because he described it as “trumpanism”.

The president-elect further said that he was talking to leaders around the world knowing what the outcome of the election would be.

He added that Mr. Trump’s insistence that he won was “embarrassing for the country.”

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Mr Biden added that he “would not hesitate to take”. Modern Or Pfizer vaccines were decided to keep them safe.

The President-elect and Mrs. Harris held a virtual meeting before gathering labor and business leaders.

Mr. Biden has pledged to spend billions of dollars on U.S. production, recovery, expanding health care coverage, and tackling climate change, among other priorities.

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But his main priority is controlling the coronavirus epidemic, which is rising to record levels in the United States and forcing state and local leaders to impose new restrictions on local businesses.

The president-elect has yet to face tough questions about whether he can support a short-term national lockdown to stem the tide of coronavirus cases.

Following his election victory, Mr. Biden devoted most of his public remarks to encouraging Americans to wear masks and adopt social-distance measures.

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