Cavid-19: The first picture of the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine in a UK hospital before the national rollout. UK News

A batch of coronavirus vaccines have been found to have been delivered to a hospital in south London before treatment in the UK failed this week.

Staffers continue to unload doses of Pfizer / Bioentech jabs from hospital boxes before placing them in the freezer on site.

The COVID-19 The vaccine must be stored at temperatures from -70C to -80C.

The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived at Croydon University Hospital

Lewis Kafelan, co-chief pharmacist at Croydon Health Services, said: “It’s just a thrill, it’s a memorable occasion.

“The NHS continues to plan externally to deliver the largest vaccination program in our history – so it’s really exciting.”

He added: “It’s just amazing to know that (vaccines are here) and we are the first people in the country to receive this vaccine, and so it’s the first in the world – I’m very proud.”

Dozens of hospital hubs will be vaccinated from Tuesday.

The vaccine is being distributed across the UK through systems used specifically for public health in England and the NHS national immunization programs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

People aged 80 or older will take care of the house staff, and NHS workers at the highest risk will be the first to receive the batch.

There are 50 centers in the first wave of the immunization program in England, and as the program gets busier, a few more hospitals will start vaccinating in the coming weeks and months.

Covid-19 vaccine at Croydon University Hospital
The vaccine is being stored in the hospital freezer

The medical director of the NHS in England has said he will start vaccination activities this week “Looks like the end”.

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Professor Stephen Paus says: “As a physician, this is a really exciting moment.”

He warned, however, that what he described as “the largest scale vaccination campaign in our country’s history” would be “a marathon, not a sprint.”

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‘It looks like the end’

He said: “It will take us many months to vaccinate everyone who needs to be vaccinated.”

Professor Paussis acknowledged the “huge complexity” there, but said the NHS had a “strong record of providing large-scale vaccination programs.”

He continued: “Hard-working people will once again face the challenge of protecting hard-working people from this terrible disease.”

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Professor Pavis said additional staff were being created to support the immunization program and urged people to continue non-vaccination.Coronavirus Health problems.

The Foundation Trusts and Trusts Association, an NHS provider, told Sky News that there could be around four million vaccine doses in the UK by the end of the year.

GP surgeons in England have been told Start hiring COVID-19 immunization centers By 14 December

Expert COVID-19 vaccine freezers are in safe place, Public Health England said
The vaccine must be stored at temperatures from -70C to -80C

Health Secretary Matt Hancock Tuesday was referred to as “V-Day” and told the Sunday Telegraph that he could not wait to repeal the three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions and “return to life in mutual respect and personal responsibility, without legislation.” Set in parliament “.

Asked if the vaccine distribution, which began this week, could end soon, he said: “Yes, it will.”

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How will the vaccine rollout work?

He added: “There is no doubt that speeding up the vaccine … will bring to the fore the moment when we can get rid of these explosive restrictions but by then we have been able to follow them.”

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