Cavid-19 lockdown tire system ‘not well thought out’ SAG warns scientists UK News

The coronavirus lockdown tear system in England is not very well thought out, says a government scientific consultant.

Under the current plan, a regional level system has been prepared for replacement National Lockdown It ends on December 2nd.

However, Professor John Edmunds, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAG), warned that the minimum alert level of the regional level system would return to tier 1, which would be “extremely foolish” when the lockdown ended.

“The problem with the tier system is that Tier 1 doesn’t do much at first, Tier 2 probably has some impact, but it’s not a great one, and Tier 3 seems to be able to contain the epidemic,” he said.

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Experts are not sure if the lockdown system is working

“The problem with the tire system is that inevitably you get a lot of space in that situation with higher incidence.

“Since Tier 1 and Tier 2 eventually moved to Tier 3 with higher events, and then Tier 3 puts it there.”

He added: “Frankly, through the strategy it wasn’t a very good idea.”

Edmunds, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, called on the government to adopt a long-term strategy to balance the economy and epidemics.

“We need to take a long-term view and be sensible and understand that we need to impose restrictions for some time,” he said.

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What you can and cannot do now England is in second lockdown

“Yes, we can pick them up if it is safe to do so, basically when a large number of people will be vaccinated.

“But flip-flops in encouraging people to mix socially, which is what you’re doing to encourage people to go to restaurants and bars, shutting them down again immediately, is not a very smart way to run the epidemic.”

Meanwhile, Another 462 people died For positive within 28 days of testing COVID-19 As of Saturday

As of 9am on Saturday, 26,860 more Carnavirus labs had been confirmed in the UK, down slightly from 301 on Friday.

Labor also called for the enactment of emergency laws Following the assured preliminary results of the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine “to stamp out dangerous anti-wax content”

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