Cavid-19: Despite low-level lawsuits, the region has moved to Tier 3, with rebellion in the Rebel Valley. UK News

There is an air of rebellion and rebellion in Rebel Valley – they are not happy in this rural district.

Wednesday, like Lancashire, They will come out of the national lockdown And in England’s drastic measures.

Many here are annoyed that even though they have been given ump in Tier 3 COVID-19 The cases are below the national average.

Local longtime Conservative MP Nigel Evans is frustrated that the government has put his constituency under tougher measures.

Bashal Bern has not performed a wedding since March. Since the epidemic began, the owners believe they have lost more than a million pounds and will only be added to being in Tier 3.

Wedding director Rebecca Barnes says 80% of their family business comes from events.

He said: “We have been facing no income for at least 12 months and when you hire as many of us as possible we are very lucky to have Farlow, but only until March.

“We don’t see the possibility of any marriage anytime soon in early June.

“We’re not sure what exactly is going to happen to us.”

Bashal Barne’s wedding has not been held since March

Mess Barnes added: “It’s really tough and scary not knowing what the future holds.

“Not just as our business, but personally. It seems to feel completely unfair.”

Rebecca Burns predicts it could happen next summer before she arranges the wedding again.
Rebecca Burns predicts it could happen next summer before she arranges the wedding again.

Joseph’s industrial laundry business depends on the field of ongoing hospitality.

Without it is his financial loss.

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“We’ve got about ড 20,000 worth of linen here, which hasn’t been removed for months due to the lockdown, and I don’t see any relocation anytime soon,” he told Sky News.

“Politicians in London will not only get us here, we are a small start-up business that has been fighting during this epidemic and they are letting us down the aisle.”

Joseph relies on the hospitality sector - which was al but closed
Joseph relied on the hospitality sector, which was all but closed

He added: “We understood that 10 more new starters would be launched here after the first lockdown, so we made some deals.

“We had to turn around and say ‘sorry, it won’t happen again’ because we’ve turned it into a level system again, then a month of lockdowns and again a level system, and that’s what we can’t handle.”

Joseph's laundry business was unused for several months
Joseph’s laundry business was unused for months

Mr Evans has been a Member of Parliament for the region for 28 years.

He is frustrated and disappointed with the government’s latest decision and has the support of many of his constituencies, even knowing that the decision to stay in Tier 3 is doomed.

“It’s really frustrating that in Rebel Valley, Chorley, Lancaster and a few other countryside they’ve got very low rates and my idea of ​​considering the whole of Lancashire as single is completely wrong,” he said.

“Yes we got the data we could see, but what we need now is political gain.”

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