Cavid-19: Christmas rules to be made public ‘next week’, Downing Street reports. Politics news

Donning Street says Chronmas can fill families so rules will be published on whether coronavirus bans will be eased Down

England’s second national lockdown is set to end on 2 December, with the government promising to take another regular measure, depending on the rate of local infection – to replace it.

Discussions are underway in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on what the UK government and perverted administrations are COVID-19 Action should be taken on Christmas.

Recent reports suggest that there may be a special ease of restrictions during the festive period to reunite families.

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Kavid-19: Plans to announce on Christmas days

A spokesman for Number Ten on Thursday said: “We are definitely reviewing the number of cases and we will continue to do so next week to provide more details on the next episode next December.”

The spokesman also hinted at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s view that “Christmas will be a little different than Christmas this year, and we continue to hope that families will be able to spend Christmas together.”

“We will finalize our plans next week,” the spokesman added.

Meanwhile, Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Thursday that the UK’s chief medical officers have been asked to “plan to reduce some of the restrictions” in a way that does not increase the risk of loss of life and damage.

He said a “concrete” proposal for the Christmas gathering could be published “in the coming days”.

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“I hope … we can share it with the public within the next week,” added Messer Sturgeon.

Earlier, a cabinet minister told Sky News that the Christmas plan would be unveiled “in the next few days”.

When Sky Barley was asked by Sky News how many family members would be allowed to gather around the Christmas dinner table, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “I have a family, I want to know, and I wonder why the government Will set the date of the statement. “

But the minister further suggested that the UK may have to wait until the end of the current lockdown to find out more details about Christmas.

Mr Wallace said that – due to the gap between the introduction of lockdown measures and a slowdown in the COVD-19 infection – ministers would be able to learn more about the impact of England’s new shutdown “moving forward to December 2”.

“As we move towards December 2, the government will determine all these different issues.”

“We will move to a tearing system.

“I think our goals are the same, we want to see our families at Christmas, we want to blend in with each other as much as possible.

“But we also have to remember it’s an incredibly contagious and nasty disease and there are plenty of people, I’m scared, still dying of cavities.”

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Mr Wallace reiterated the rules for mixing different families for Christmas, saying: “We can tell you when we go on December 2nd.

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“At this stage when we know how many people in the country are being affected, what is the place in our hospitals, how the rollout of vaccines is evolving.

“If you ask me today in mid-November, we will know for sure more than December 2.

“I can’t answer you much, there’s a lot of speculation going on.”

Scientists have suggested that it is easier to limit the coronavirus every day above Christmas Five days of strenuous action may be required Make up for it.

And while talking to Sky Barley on Sky News, former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “I have become Prime Minister, you have to go two steps further than the ceremony.

“Boris Johnson, say what he was able to do. Look, if we have any doubts about whether we can mix people at Christmas, we have to act now.

“We have to work hard now. As prime minister you have to go two steps further, you can’t stay behind the curve.

“And we have a tendency to act at the last minute when we should have acted sooner.”

Dr Hans Cluj, regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe, said this year’s festive season would be “a different Christmas but that doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful”.

He said that during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, community-based groups created safe solutions to break their fast, which included practicing to celebrate the distance or providing food from house to house, while a “virtual Diwali” – the Hindu festival of light – Engage in free online events across Europe for “short, secure fun”.

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Speaking at a news briefing on Thursday. Klug says: “Celebrate the festive season with people close to you.

“If it is a huge gathering of weak people, you can postpone this gathering until you gather safely.

“Despite the winter, gather outside with loved ones for a picnic in the park if local restrictions permit.”

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