Cavid-19: Boris Johnson tried to quell anger when Tory MPs complained about dozens of parliamentary-level arrangements. Politics news

As Boris Johnson seeks to combat the growing backlash among Conservative MPs over new coronavirus levels, their concerns have been made public by more than 50 people.

According to a Sky News poll, at least 5 T-Terries have expressed dissatisfaction with the tearing or said they are unlikely to take action when the vote comes next week.

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“I fully understand why people feel frustrated, I got it,” the prime minister said COVID-19 Limitations

“But I really hope that the people also understand that I think the lion’s share of the British people want us to work hard, do the right thing and defeat the virus together.”

Direct COVID-19 updates in the UK and around the world

This comes after it was revealed that 99% of England’s population would fall under two hard levels after the second national lockdown ends on 2 December.

About 32 million people in England’s 57.3% coverage will fall into the 2 tier but 23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population – will be sitting in the 3 tier from 2 December.

Large parts of the Midlands, Northeast and Northwest are subject to the toughest measures. Hospitality venues will be closed in early Christmas, unless they can provide reception or delivery services, and families are not allowed to mix inside the home.

However, statistics show that from next week, 119 regions will be in Tier 3, with only eight cases of coronavirus cases.

Mr Johnson insisted he understood people’s frustrations, but maintained strong levels.

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“It is extremely frustrating for people I know to feel that they are in a high level area when very few incidents happen in their village or in their area. I fully understand why people feel so frustrated,” she said.

“But the problem is that if you do it in any other way, you will first divide the country into very complex sub-divisions.

“The way we do it has to have some simplicity and some clarity.

“The second problem is, alas, our experience is that when a high event area moves too close to a low event area, unless you reduce the problem to a high event area, I’m afraid, start catching up.

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The government has promised to release an assessment of the impact of the move before lawmakers vote on Tuesday, amid concerns that the level of economic damage and health impact has not been fully taken into account.

And with the goal of reducing injuries in the Tier 3 region, ministers are promising access to the COVID-19 test results in quick cash subsidies as well as helping to reduce their transmission.

Additional cash will also be on offer in the areas offered in Tier 2 and Tier 3.

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The Prime Minister confronted the COVID level

Asked if Johnson would hold any talks with disgruntled Conservative MPs before voting on the tiers next week, the PM’s spokesman said he was “in regular contact with MPs and the process will not be as different as we are moving forward”.

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Asked if the government would use the civil contingency law if the tiered system was rejected by MPs, he said, “He can’t speculate.”

Regarding test access, Mr Johnson said: “We have millions, possibly hundreds of millions of side flow tests coming to this country. We already have a huge stockpile.

“The problem is not the supply at the moment, the problem is the local government, working with the local community to get the job done.”

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‘Of course possible’ levels can change pre-Christmas

The Prime Minister added: “So that supply is not what I think is going to be a problem. The issue will be brought together to make the public understand the potential benefits of testing.”

Mr Johnson’s comments came after one of his ministers said some parts of England could ease their coronavirus restrictions before Christmas.

Coronavirus levels will be reviewed by the government on December 16

K speaks to Barley, community secretary Robert Genrick Said there is “every reason” to believe Some regions can be moved to the level system.

The Prime Minister echoed this saying that the “truth” of the incident was there.

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