Cavid-19: Boris Johnson says lawsuit for tire system is ‘compulsory’ and promises 1000 for ‘wet pub’. UK News

Boris Johnson says there is a “mandatory lawsuit” for further coronavirus restrictions – since he promised pubs that would not deliver food as much as হাজার 1,000 in December.

Pubs that sell only drinks or “wet pubs” will not be able to open if they are in Tier 2 or Tier 3 areas under the new system restrictions from tomorrow.

After the announcement, the Prime Minister said that the epidemic in the hospitality sector had caused unusually severe damage.

Mr Johnson spoke in the House of Commons before a showdown with rebel Tory MPs about his plans for the next lockdown.

Mr Johnson’s own 50-member House of Representatives is expected to vote against the government. Coronavirus Restrictions, of which 99% of the population face the toughest measurements of Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Pubs will only be allowed to open in Tier 2 if they can Work as a restaurant, Although only acceptance within Tier 3 will be allowed.

Mr Johnson told MPs on Tuesday: “We will do everything in our power to support our hospitality sector throughout this crisis.

“We’ve already extended the Farloff scheme to all businesses until March … We’ve allocated £ 1.1 billion to local authorities to help businesses with special risks, and today we’re moving forward with one discount payment in December, £ 1,000 in wet pubs – It’s a pub that doesn’t serve food. “

Mike Cherry, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said the payment “doesn’t go too far” and said the ড 1,000 would only cover the cost of a single Kegel beer.

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Became the Prime Minister Assurance of victory in the Commons After voting this evening, Sir Kair Starmer said he would boycott labor.

Sir Care said there were “serious misconceptions” about his party’s sanctions, yet it would not be in their national interest to vote if the virus posed a “grave risk”.

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The Prime Minister slipped on the date of the ‘sunset’ clause

Labor’s move will likely shed light on the size of the Tory uprising, with many backbenchers outraged that their constituencies have faced tougher controls than before the latest lockdown.

Only the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and the Isles of Skill have been nominated for the lightest Level 1 ban.

Mr Johnson told MPs: “With the spread of various epidemics across the country, there remains a mandatory phenomenon for the regional levels in England and a truly mandatory requirement for the regional levels.”

England’s second lockdown is coming to an end with multiple successes in a vaccine competition.

Two U.S. treatments have been shown to be more than 90% effective.

Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine Has been shown to be effective up to 90% in prevention COVID-19 When half the dose is given first.

However, no treatment was approved.

The Prime Minister told the Commons: “We need to hold our nerves right now until these vaccines are really realized and put into our arms.

“So I say to the House again, let’s follow the guidelines, let’s do the mass examinations. Let’s work for the people of our country to do the mass examinations.

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“Let’s work together on virus control and I appreciate this regulation.”

Kayar Starmer has accused the Prime Minister of not doing so "Leveling with the public
Kayar Starmer has accused the Prime Minister of “not giving equality to the people.”

Sir Kayar told MPs that the government’s plan to control the virus has not yet been implemented.

He said: “We’ve been here before. On June 10, the Prime Minister spoke for the first time about his significant style for controlling local infections – June 10.

“He told us it would be so effective that the restriction would only last for a few weeks or a few days. It was far from the reality.

“For example, Leicester has just passed the 154th day of the limitation. And after these regulations take effect on February 2. Leicester will remain restricted for 217 days. So it did not take effect, the June 10 proposal.”

Sir Kair added that both the six and the initial three-tier system of government rule “did not work”.

He said the prime minister was not “compromising with the British people”, adding: “He is promising to go down to the area he is going to in two weeks or so.”

“We need to determine the level – in my view, this is not very likely and we may face it now. It is clear that the new Tier 1 may gradually decrease but cannot prevent an increase in infection, not sure if the new Tier 2 infection rate Can hold.

“I hear of the conflict, but let’s see where we are in two weeks – I look at the members of the House who think that maybe in two weeks their territory has gone down just before Christmas. Let’s see.”

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A Conservative MP rebel, Sir Kair, was displaying a “handset,” to which the Labor leader replied: “It’s not sight. I’m telling you what will happen in two weeks.”

“We know where we’re going to be in two weeks, and I have no doubt that there (Conservative MPs) will come up and say ‘I thought my territory would drop one level just before Christmas.’ Not simple, because it won’t happen. “

He added: “I hope I stand here and I’m wrong about it, and I think all members hope I’m wrong.”

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