Cats purr when they’re happy – but even when they need it a lot

A dead cat feels good – that’s the popular opinion. But hum can also have a completely different meaning and show that there is something wrong with the animal.

When a cat purrs, the world seems fine. The animal lies comfortably in the basket or on the sofa and emits this deep, even hum – for example during an extensive petting. Many people love the sound and find it calming.

Anyone who has ever held their ear to their cat knows: When the animal purrs, the whole body begins to vibrate, with a repeating, deep, comforting sound coming from deep within. In addition to our house cats, some of their wild relatives, for example lynx or ocelots, can purr. But otherwise the monotonous hummingbird is unique in the animal kingdom.

But why do cats die at all? Just like that, the answer probably fails. After all, cats are not known to do unnecessary things themselves – and the sound of purring is thought to be a physiologically complex matter that is not yet fully understood. Purely for the pleasure of humans, there is probably no pus either – see lynx and ocelot.

Cats purr for many different reasons

Even though scientists can’t yet clearly explain why, when asked, they have many answers, and they all seem to be correct. Because it depends on the situation in which the cat dies. For example, the BBC overrides an article on the subject with the words “The Complicated Truth About Cats Poor”.

How much a cat purrs and whether it dies even in the presence of people varies from animal to animal. Some cats or tomcats hum comfortably as soon as you puddle them and they are resting in their favorite spot. Others use the sound sparingly—sometimes to the dismay of cat owners.

The cat doesn’t need to be around to purr. Animals also use sound to communicate with each other. If a cat howls at a fellow cat, it could mean: “I’m calmer and won’t hit you anymore – and maybe we’ll play a round.” High-ranked animals signal to the weak that they are not in danger.

a tempting request for food

An important function of rumble is communication between animals. But humans have been shown to understand felines – at least the most important part. If the cat grumbles at “its” human, it could mean, for example: “How will you open a can for me now?”

Cat mothers in particular purr a lot when they suckle their baby. The sound shows the little ones the way to the nipple. A practical acoustic guide, as kittens are still blind in their first days of life. In addition, the humming should have a calming effect on kittens and give them a sense of security.

No wonder young children are the first to practice skim after they are born and learn it right away in the first days of life – it will prove to be very useful again and again later. In fact, it is a sound that cats can use in almost all situations.

Cats literally purr through life. Even when the end of life draws near: “I have seen many cats that die or when they are put to sleep,” says animal photographer Marjan Debever, a renowned expert on cat behavior at BBC UK Many of them find photo opportunities at animal shelters and share their feline knowledge on Instagram with more than 53,000 followers.

Stressed cats calm themselves by purring

Researchers are convinced that cats calm themselves with monotonous humps – for example when they are feeling stressed. This also explains the widespread disturbance of some specimens when they go to the vet. They also purr when they are afraid or in pain. Sonic cat helps mothers better tolerate the pain of childbirth.

Self-generated vibrations also help with injuries: Scientists are now convinced that pus supports healing processes in the body. Even the hummingbird stimulates the muscles – as well as the metabolism and building of cells. The pus and the myriad minimal vibrations associated with it provide mechanical support for the cat’s body to regenerate itself. Broken bones can also grow back together faster, provided the animal is not heavily injured.

Simple fitness method for animals that lie down and sleep a lot

When asked why they usually die, cats will probably answer: “It’s healthy and keeps you fit”. And perhaps it is so in the true sense of the word. The effect on humans is like a vibration trainer, say the experts of “”. The constant vibration will strengthen and train the cat’s bones and tissues. This is also necessary because, according to the authors of “”, animals lie down for most of the day.

Cats do not jog or exercise. In the course of development you have developed your own fitness method. To put it another way: what humans or dogs do for their health by exercising and running, what cats can do while lying down. By regularly purging extensively.

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