Castaway on a desert island in a free game on EGS

We were not even expecting this and free games are coming to an end on the Epic Games Store platform, when today only three games await us. In any case, to be sure, we had a success story adventure with animals named Knight in the Jungle yesterday. Today, however, fans will once again find themselves surviving, such as The Long Dark a few days ago.

If you’ve seen The Castaway by Robert Zemeckis starring famed actor Tom Hanks, you might have a clear idea of ​​what the Beam Team Games have title from the developers.

Yes, you have to survive in uninhabited islands, where you need to search for ingredients and food so that you do not fall due to exhaustion or hunger. However, local water is also roasted by dangerous sharks who crave your meat, protecting sunburns that hide precious needs. Therefore, there is no need for caution.

You can find the game in the shop at this link. We will just point out that this is still a title in the initial approach.

Then, let’s remind you that it is possible to add games to the library on the Epic Games Store Till five o’clock next afternoon. At the time, the title would be replaced by another piece, this time by Soliterica.

  • 29.12. – Solitude
  • 30.12. – Torchlight II
  • 31.12. – Jurassic World Evolution

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