Cases in United Kingdom, Russia, Portugal, Thailand

For some countries it is a question of speeding up the race Vaccines be faster than delta version. For others, the problem is simply limiting the damage caused by delayed vaccination. Beyond the announcements on Sputnik, Russia is paying dearly for being behind with vaccinations: there are now more than 600 deaths from Covid every day, thanks to an explosion of cases, with a prevalence of more than 20,000 a day. delta. Many people have already compared this UK, another epicenter of the version that was once called Indian: here we have more than 25 thousand new cases a day but less than 20 deaths a day.

Delta variants in Great Britain, 26 thousand infections (peak from January). 3rd dose from September

Delta version, case of Israel and Portugal

Why? Simple: Russia has just completed the vaccination process of 12 percent of the population, about 50 by the United Kingdom. The difference, it is clear, is made by vaccines. This is also reflected in what is happening in Israel: here too, where people have practically returned to normal life after a very difficult lockdown in the first half of 2021, Delta has seen an increase in positive cases; Health officials say they are expected to triple in the next ten days. Yet, there are only 54 Covid patients in hospitals, of whom 29 are critical. It is true that among vaccinated people there are also people who become infected, but the clinical outcome is not relevant. And Israel has had zero deaths in one day in the past week, thanks to the fact that 57 percent of the population (especially the elderly and therefore most at risk) received a double dose of Pfizer. Delta begins operations in continental Europe Portugal Previously compared to other countries, especially in the Lisbon region: cases have tripled, we are almost a thousand a day, but for now hospitals are on hold and deaths are low. Publico newspaper writes: “Deaths related to COVID-19 declined by 99 percent between January and June, but people continue to die from the disease, especially in groups that are not yet fully protected from vaccines. Of the 71 people who died this month, 44 per cent were above 80 years of age and 29 per cent were between 70 and 79 years.

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How the virus works in the rest of the world

And in the rest of the world? The delta variant has had a strange development in India, a country that was brought to its knees and now, having reached its peak, has seen a rapid descent of new cases; still suffering Malaysia (who decided on the new lockdown) and and Thailand, one of the nations that best controlled this pandemic and which has just reopened the region of Phuket to international tourism in a bubble of sorts. But in Bangkok, because of the delta variant, there are clusters, there are borders, cases have risen above 4,000 per day (in March they were always less than 100) and even deaths, despite the average young population. while there has been an increase of only 5 percent. The population received a double dose of the vaccine.

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