Carnavirus tracker who ‘fines and threatens police’ homeless for violating rules

Carnavirus tracker who 'fines and threatens police' homeless for violating rules

A trawler that feeds the homeless in a city square has claimed that it was threatened with heavy fines and police involvement due to coron virus restrictions.

Matt Pine is hosting an outdoor dining kitchen in Queens Square, Reichham, every Wednesday, where he provides food from local grants to homeless people.

But recently Rexham Council officials have asked him to stop.

They say the council has been made to sleep on the streets and that Mr Pine’s move could put the virus at risk.

The food and drink are being prepared for a rough sleep in Rexham’s Queens Square

Mr Payne, a truck driver in Flint, Flintshire, said he had never been approached by more than 18 people at a time to eat, and that this was under the law where 30 people were allowed to gather outside after some coronavirus restrictions were relaxed. .

He said: “I’ve been doing this for three years. I got a grant to feed the homeless and I use Queens Square because it’s a public place with CCTV cameras that protects the people who help us. I eat about 20-30 meals.

“But a woman came out of the council and told me that I could be held responsible for the fines and that the police could be involved because of the cowardly rules.

“Most of us were in the top 15-18 at any given time so I’m under the law.

“Covid rules don’t put food in these people’s mouths.”

Queen's Square Rexham
Queen’s Square Rexham

Cllr David Griffiths, a leading member of the Wrexham Council for Housing, said: “In the 19 epidemics of Covid, the Welsh government instructed all councils that weak rough sleepers would be able to leave the roads and go to supported self-contained housing.

“Warexam has partnered with all of its recognized providers to ensure that this has happened and that vulnerable people have been supported by a multi-agency approach.

“Therefore there is no need for people to enter the street for food which could be a risk of virus infection.

“The benefits of preparing food or meals are there and it continues to be available to all of our supported residents where they should be placed for their needs.

“Warexham Council recognizes and appreciates the support and assistance of the volunteers but respectfully requests that all volunteers stop this activity and contact AV to discuss how they can participate in the new strategy going forward.

“We are concerned about any volunteer groups who may be concerned or would like to help contact please.”

A North Wales Police spokesman said it was a council matter and they No reports of cowardice violations or “evidence to support a case of this nature” were found.

The Welsh government recently announced tougher measures to make it effective on Monday, including making it mandatory to wear face masks indoors without exception.

There will also be a new limit of six known people who can meet indoors at any one time.

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