Carlos Brathwaite! Carlos Brathwaite! Remember the name!

Ian Bishop has recently been speaking to Betway Sports and reliving the 2016 World T20 final. As the West Indies faced England, what has become just as, if not more, famous is the commentary given by Bishop. It is impossible to discuss this great match without bringing Bishop into the conversation.

As we all now know, the West Indies brushed England aside and won by four wickets. Given Bishop’s cricketing past he could barely contain his excitement. As Braithwaite swung to hit his final six, Bishop let his emotions out with the emphatic call “Carlos Braithwaite! Carlos Braithwaite! Remember the name!”. Of course, we always will but we will also remember the passion shown by Bishop at the time much like the passion shown by Rishi Sunak in his autumn statement yesterday.

The origin of Bishops now-famous phrase

To those listening it may have seemed that Bishop’s reaction had been almost off the cuff. To some degree that is true, but he recalls himself a conversation that he’d had a couple of days before the final. He states that people were asking who the players to watch out for were. This is what Bishop recalls: “Carlos Braithwaite came to my mind because in that World Cup he’d been bowling well and he could smack the ball”

Bishop goes on to describe to Betway the moment that Braithwaite hit that final six in the final: “When he hit the final six, the first thing that regurgitated was what I’d said to that gentleman”. With David Lloyd being the lead commentator for the match, it wasn’t Bishop’s place to burst out with his now-famous declaration. Lloyd must have sensed the greatness that was coming as he tapped Bishop on the shoulder, giving him the go-ahead to have his say.

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Bishops take on his fame

Bishop had a great international career himself before he became a broadcaster. In comments to Betway Sports, he mentions that “The players on the field make these moments”. Of course, from his own playing experience, he knows that is true, but he is perhaps downplaying the impact that his commentary had upon the match.

Bishop has been an authoritative voice on cricket for several years and in some ways, he finds being tied to just one phrase a little awkward. He states, “It’s actually embarrassing to talk about, no line is great unless the action on the field justifies it”.

What of Carlos Braithwaite?

Braithwaite’s final six is what took the West Indies to their second T20 World Cup victory. As Bishop had pointed out at the time, he was a player to watch and one to remember. His all-round form had been spectacular, and he was set for great things. So, what happened to Braithwaite? Is the declaration more famous than the man himself?

It may be shocking to many given his robust performance during the 2016 campaign, but Braithwaite is not featuring in the 2021 World Cup. In fact, only five members of the victorious 2016 team have made the grade this time around. Braithwaite, though, deserves a place in the history books. Not just because of Bishop’s commentary, but also because of his great performances.

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