Cardiff ‘on the verge of coronavirus ban’ warns council leader Hu Thomas about rising infection rate

Cardiff 'on the verge of coronavirus ban' warns council leader Hu Thomas about rising infection rate

Cardiff is on the verge of entering the Welsh government’s coronavirus “red zone”, the city’s council leader has warned.

The number of cases per 100,000 population now stands at 38.2, while 3.8 percent of the tests are positive. Attendance at the hospital’s emergency department also increased sharply last week.

Evidence from contact researchers shows that the virus has spread to most families in Cardiff – where family bubble rules are being violated and where people are mixing inside the home.

Cardiff Council leader Hu Thomas said: “We saw last week that the situation could change rapidly.

“If the number of cases continues to rise over the weekend, Cardiff is very likely to enter the Welsh government’s ‘red zone’.

“If that happens, I fully expect that we will propose more restrictions, as we have seen elsewhere in the urban area, and we are doing it at the potential pace.

“This could include family meetings and restrictions on travel outside of Cardiff.”

Many believe the idea of ​​a lockdown for Cardiff is not too far away

Council Chief Celler Thomas warned that the age profile of people tested positive is now changing, there is now a “significant rise” among those aged 35 to 50 who are testing positive.

Care home trips to the Cardiff and Glamorgan valleys were banned earlier this week.

Local lockdowns have now been applied to a few border areas in the Cardiff and Glamorgan valleys: Newport, Blaena Gowant, Kerfili, Rondda Sinon Taf and Brizand.

CLR Thomas said: “My message to the people of Cardiff is that we must all return to public health guidelines and redouble our efforts to protect our families, our friends and ourselves from harm.

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“This is a worrying time so let’s live for each other and work with each other properly.”

In response to the announcement, Andrew R. Davis, the shadow health minister for the Welsh Conservatives, said: “A blanket lock in our capital city is not really local, and if such a decision is forthcoming, the Welsh Labor government should take this step as a financial aid for many businesses (especially hospitality). Forward the package that will be destroyed by the news. “

CLR Reese Taylor, leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Cardiff Council, said he “wanted reassurance” about the city’s university system and the ability of the track and trace system to respond to the city’s population growth.

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