Carcassonne. Jules-Phil High School students can dream up sci-po Paris

The establishment has been selected by the reputed institution as part of the priority education agreement. The entrance will be with about ten youth for two years to prepare for the selection. The project was led by Bertrand Brugier, a professor of economic and social sciences.

Glad ! Bertrand Brugier, professor of economic and social sciences at Lizzie Jules-Phil, is also overwhelmed. The Reason? The Rectorate has just informed them that their Priority Education Conference project was selected by the prestigious Science-PO Paris Institute as part of the Priority Education Academic Conference. the explanation: “In the early 2000s, Sci-PO Paris wanted to open up its recruitment by establishing a selective access route for high school students falling under priority education, Bertrand Brugier noted. In recent years, the institute has opened more widely to provincial establishments.”

Therefore, when Jean-Louis Becker, the principal of Jules-Phil, asked the professor, who is himself a graduate of the Sciences-PO Paris, to apply for this educational project, he did not hesitate to be aware of the light that might fall. : “I’ve been a professor at Jules-Phil since 1997 and I worry about his image. Once we have good news to announce, it’s encouraging.”

about ten high school students

Directly, beginning next September, about ten high school students, half of whom will have access to scholarships, will be supported for two years. These students, who are now ranked second, will soon be selected because of their good results and their ambitions: “A young person who wants to become a doctor or an engineer will not be affected. On the other hand, we would suggest those who are looking to study economics, humanities or law to cross a threshold to pursue them ‘Excellence. Because, even if they do not present themselves in Sci-PO, they may be able to aspire to participate in the competitive examinations of the Grands Ecoles.

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Two hour workshop per week

A teaching team will be formed of teachers from French, History-Geography, English, Philosophy and Economics. Workshops will be set up on questions of methodology but also openness to a wider culture : “For example, we can bring them to a political film festival to meet directors; to a museum, to find work; to a conservatory…”, emphasizes Bertrand Brugier.

Because, during the final oral before the Sci-PO selection jury, students must comment on a document, artistic or not: “We have to prepare them to compose cover letters and analyze a given topic. Hence the importance of these weekly workshops. This is a double reward for them: the opportunity to achieve great results and the many outlets they offer Possibility to reach reputed establishment.” And the opportunity – to be placed in the background, of course – for the graduating teacher from sci-po, to come full circle.

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