Cannot load updates, videos, server status, timeline and more

YouTube went down for several thousand users on Wednesday night, leaving viewers unable to load videos.

Latest News: YouTube Fixed!

YouTube went down for hours as users were unable to load the video.

The YouTube team has found the cause, the problem is now fixed!

The YouTube team is working on the server

Looks like the team on YouTube is now aware of the issue, and is working towards a solution!

YouTube Down Server Status Load Videos 1

We can only hope that it will come soon, since the videos are not loading, and millions of users are stuck waiting!

YouTube is down

YouTube is down, and it’s quite a problem for them to enjoy the next Zen consoles. It is still able to load the rest of the sites, leaving users unable to load videos.

YouTube down videos 1 not loading

Since YouTube is one of the most used websites in the world, we hope that repairs will be done quickly. For now, however, users will not be able to load videos on YouTube.

Since this is a breaking story, we will update as soon as the news arrives.

Works while YouTube is down

Users are understandably frustrated without the ability to watch videos on YouTube.

Thanks, there are some more places you can go

For starters, watching live streams on Twitch.TV is a great entertainment option.

Others include Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and You Are Desperate but Vimeo is another web video option.

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