Cannes: Palme d’Or for “Without a Filter” by Ruben Ostlund, a funny satire on the ultra-rich

Five years after being awarded the prized Palme d’Or for “The Square”, which mocked the art world, Ruben Ostlund was rewarded again for a feature film with sharp humor, “Without Filters”.“Without Filters” or “Triangle of Sadness” in VO was notably co-produced by Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

,What I love about the history of European cinema is that we have always been interested in social issues. we thought howTo create a better society, we tried to figure out what we didn’t like, what we needed to change. So cinema has been a tool to improve things and if I don’t want to change something, if I don’t want to improvise something, I can’t imagine anything more useless than making a film.” Ruben Ostlund, director of the film “Without Filters”, Palme d’Or 2022.

South Korean actor Song-kang Ho was also awarded the Best Actor award for “The Good Stars” by Japanese director Kore-eda at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The 55-year-old actor was revealed in the 2019 film “Parasite”, Palme d’Or.

Iranian Tsar Amir Ibrahimi was nominated for the Best Actress award for her role in “The Knights of Mashhad” by Danish-Iranian Ali Abasi. “This movie is about women, about their bodies, this movie is full of hate, hands, boobs, everything that can’t be shown in Iran, thanks for such a great art”, he said upon receiving his award.

Two Grand Jury Prizes were awarded to young Belgian director Lucas Dhont for “Close” and veteran French filmmaker Claire Denis for her “Stars at Noon” ex-acco. In the end, two jury prizes were tied, for “Le Otto Montagne” by the Belgian director duo Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermarsch, as well as for “Eau” by 84-year-old Polish filmmaker, Jerzy Skolimowski.

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Evidence, if necessary, of the diversity and modernity of European cinema.

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