Cannes Film Festival 2022: What if you could climb stairs thanks to TikTok?

Lucky winners will be announced April 29, 2022 before being Guest at the Cannes Film Festival To receive his prize from the hands of Thierry Framaux, the general representative of the festival. Users residing only in France, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Poland, in BelgiumGermany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Czechia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia and New Zealand can participate.

“We are delighted with this partnership with TikTok, which will allow us to share the magic of the festival with a wider and global audience, but film buffs alike.”

“The Cannes Film Festival has, over the years, heralded an approach with new generation of movie lovers By providing them an opportunity to experience the festival through the program ‘3 Days at Cannes’. Thank you for this collaboration – which is part of a wish Diversify our audience We will be able to share the most inspiring moments of the festival and bring a new perspective through the eyes of the TikTok creators. It is with haste and eagerness that we look forward to discovering it all!”Adds Thierry Framaux.

“The Cannes Film Festival is a unique moment in the world and we are honored to believe in official partner, TikTok and its community will channel all the creative richness of this event, both within and outside the app. Our users, all over the world, will be able to vibrate, move, inspire or be entertained by exclusive content, and share their love of cinema and the Cannes Film Festival, on video.”Rich Waterworth, General Manager EU outlined TikTok.

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