Candice Katy-Williams, Not Superheroine

When you ask Candice Carty-Williams if the queen, the heroine of her novel, is “Black Bridget Jones”, the answer turns out to be: “It was me who came up with the idea for this comparison. I worked in publishing, and I knew it was a good strategy, so that my novel would not go unnoticed. I wanted it to succeed like Helen Fielding’s book. “ Kovid-19 is required, we must be satisfied with the voice of the writer to imagine his expression. He is gentle but certain, because his intuition was correct.

After its release on the channel in 2019, Queen Won Best First Novel Award and Book of the Year Award 2020 at the British Book Awards. To date, 300,000 copies have been sold in the United Kingdom, and one million in the United States. The author writes the screenplay for the television adaptation of the book. We will explore the failures of a young London journalist of Caribbean descent that a break-up with her white middle-class boyfriend reaches many romantic and professional escapists, until her return and depression. “But I have to make one thing clear: I am not a queen. He is a brave version of me, who takes responsibility for his feelings and expresses his feelings ”, He assured. The birth of a heroine, well, from a strong sense of loneliness and annoyance, has never been found that resembles her in British literature.

South london

It’s not for lack of being “Obsessed” Through the books, which he ate in his neighborhood library. Or from its quarters. Born at St Thomas Hospital in Westminster in 1989, Candice Katy-Williams lived in South London, moving to about fifteen different homes, in Croydon, then in Norbury, with her mother; Born in Jamaica in Streatham with his grandparents, his cousin “And all possible and imaginative aunts” ; And finally to Lewisham. Hence a militant attachment to South London, the only place where she feels herself more secure, convincing herself to be an alien when she crosses the Thames. This experience is familiar to the characters in his novel, for whom the district of Brixton, where the first Caribbean immigrants came fromEmpire-Windrush, Was established in 1948, shining like a lighthouse.

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The elimination of the West Indian presence in Brixton, in favor of fashionable spaces, prevents the queen when she cannot find the bakery of her childhood. Katy-Williams acknowledged her penchant for apathy, which she vented into her short story. Notting Hill Carnival: A West Side Story (“Notting Hill Carnival”, 2020, untranslated), which combines the worlds of American lyrical drama and the famous London Summer Carnival, initiated by Caribbean immigrants in the 1960s. “Jamaica is an important place for me. I moved very early at the age of 2. At my grandparents’ house, there was a picture of a very small shed, and I remember them saying to me: “This is our first house, this is where we come from.” It was impossible that it did not appear in my writing “, She believes.

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