Cancer: Can messenger RNA vaccines defeat disease?

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The fight against coronovirus has made it possible to greatly accelerate research on messenger RNA and develop vaccines with notorious effects on other diseases such as AIDS, cystic fibrosis, or other genetic pathologies. Can messengers defeat RNA vaccines, 21st century crisis?

Cancer France accounted for more than a quarter of the deaths. According to latest INSEE statistics In 2018, but 610,000 dead Entered in France for a full year, 157,000 villains are accounted for The crab.

The dedicated Wikipedia page informs us that “ Cancer Is a disease caused by the transformation of cells that becomes abnormally abnormal and is highly spread.

As opposed to one Classic commentary Where the patient is injected a small part of the virus so that the immune system learns to fight it by producing its own antibodies, the messenger RNA vaccines send a message to the body in the form of a Piece of DNA To encourage the body to build itself Fraction passive du virus, Again Antibodies To fight this virus.

Steve pascolo, Researchers at the University Hospital of Zurich indicate in an interview with France Info this Friday, April 16, 2021: Soon anticancer RNA vaccines used in combination with other therapies will be approved“And to clarify “There are many other uses of synthetic messenger RNA for coronary fibrosis, for skin disease, for genetic disease. There is a huge spectrum of possibilities (…) It is all being developed and accelerating.“.

The development of messenger RNA is a carrier of hope for cancer as many others are already talking about diseases and the future. Universal vaccine that can enter the clinical trial phase by the end of the year.

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