Cancellation, Adjournment, Health Bubble: The tournament remains on “Organization according to today’s plan” – 6 nations

The tournament’s general manager, French Benjamin Morel, argues that postponement or cancellation is not on the agenda. Just like a competition in the sanitary bubble.

Will the next six nations be tournaments? With the deteriorating health status and the implementation of restrictive measures in relation to travel in the United Kingdom, the question comes to the loop. Recently, the French government requested to postpone days 3 and 4 of the European Cup, because, in particular, the spread of the British version of the Kovid-19 (Beyoncé and Pau were affected after matches against English clubs ).

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On the occasion of the presentation conference of the next six countries’ tournaments, the tournament’s general manager, Frenchman Benjamin Morel, explained that he was in contact with the French government to find out if the competition could take place. “We have provided all necessary guarantees to the French authorities regarding all our protocols. We have this particular point of “septen” (7 days of secession, editor’s note) for what is outside of European countries, it affects the United Kingdom. We are awaiting clarification on the people concerned with regard to this “septon” or not in the same way as other sporting events that benefit from such a waiver. We are waiting for all this. But these concerns coincide which will happen by the end of February. We will continue to work with the French authorities. ”

“What is important in the tournament is that there are matches in Cardiff, Dublin, etc. … If we are able to organize it in a completely safe manner, we do it this way”

Benjamin Morel, tournament GM

Asked whether a possible Plan B would amount to a moratorium, Benjamin Morel replied: “Yes, but we are not currently considering it.” The GM of the tournament also announced that at a unique venue, the track for the disputed competition in a sanitary bubble is not on. Jackie Lorenzetti, president of Racing 92, recently proposed to make Arena de Nanterre available for the tournament. “It was mentioned by some, but it was not really discussed. From a protocol and security point of view, each federation has its own safe training camp, but also commercial commitments in terms of stadium visibility, etc.

To add more: “Also, what is important in the Six Nations tournament is that there are matches in Cardiff, Dublin, etc … If we are able to organize it in a completely safe way, it should be done like this. Do it. Any other option can always be considered based on future constraints. But for now, we are very focused on the organization as it is planned today. “

France’s XV, which is currently preparing in Nice, must receive Scotland on 28 February and Wales on 20 March. They will start the tournament against Rome on 6 February in Italy. Their second match is scheduled to be held in Dublin on 14 February. Fabian Galthi’s team should travel to England for the second time on 13 March.

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